It Makes Me Mad– Overhearing Responses Post-Supreme Court Ruling


It makes me mad,

To hear politicians talk about “getting rid of marriage”.

Indifference is a luxury of privilege, after all.

Some cannot afford to toss aside a gavel that grants them union.

Some people pleaded for a paper for health benefits,

Legitimacy to adopt,

A mark that says “your love matters”.

It enrages me that he said “do away with marriage” after his “I do”,

As if all had access to white gowns and tuxedos.

His words hailed from never knowing rejection in a chapel,

Never looking through stained glass to wonder if God loved him, too.

Never hearing “get out” through the notes of a church organ.

You can have the other days,

Any the calendar offers.

But June 26, 2015.

You do not get this.

This bleaching of a rainbow too vibrant for your comprehension,

This limiting of a spectrum,

Some denunciation you have no power to spit out.

Love is louder, naysayers.

Love is the loudest.

In a nation marred by bullets, using black bodies for target practice,

In a nation stricken by poverty and income gaps,

In this nation,

My nation,

Love triumphs.

And I refuse to let you say otherwise.

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